do you eat ass or do you drink ass

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I once did some awful crap, similar to a few of the things you had been through, and when I finally snapped out of it I felt so awful. I know I've changed and would never do any of those things again, but the guilt still eats at me on a daily basis and it's been awhile since those things took place. Am I still a bad person?

if you recognize that what you did in the past is wrong, and actively try to correct it or try to change yourself, you’re not a bad person. the fact that you recognize that what you did in the past is wrong, and feel remorse for it is an indication right there that you arent a bad person.

the people that are bad, do all of these things and recognize what they do is wrong but care nothing at all, or the people who do not recognize what they do is wrong and dont think they could ever do anything wrong,

actual-levi is the latter. i truly dont believe she knew what she was doing is wrong, but even trying to talk to her about what she was doing, she wouldn’t listen to it and wholeheartedly did not believe anything she did was manipulative.

you arent a bad person because you took action, you changed, you are remorseful. that doesnt make you a bad person, and you are not who you were back then.

people change, m8



why dont you like actual levi? if i may ask

manipulative, one sided friendship. she made a point to constantly talk about things that she knew made me uncomfortable or upset, she pressured me into doing things, she guilted me to hell and back for free things, misgendered me and ignored all of my issues.

if i tried to talk to her about the fact she was doing stuff to me that i didnt like or purposfully talking about things i specifically asked her not to, she would say she was having an anxiety attack and try to get out of taking about stuff. 

not going into a lot of detail but i constantly had to bend to her, she forced me to do things i was very uncomfortable with, did not care about me, my identity, didnt respect my gender, brushed off all of my problems with an ‘okay’ or completely ignored them and ADMITTED to ignoring personal things i was trying to address with her, but expected me to bend over backwards to pamper her and give her free things

shes done this to many people so

if tumblr tells me to follow actual-levi one more time i will destroy this whole website i do not associate with manipulative scumbags


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She looked perfectly into the camera

she looked perfectly into eternity u mean


nearly eaten alive

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"Hella rad snepevan shipping boat of hella radness"

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Found this little guy outside of a Mexican restaurant last night. His name is Queso