being in photoshop class but cheating and using sai to do all your assignments and just saving it as .psd

on another note someone buy me this dress

i need to wear it

thats it ive been fully inducted into bike hell im sorry followers tell mother i love her i am bike trash

My leg can get torn off for all I care!!

theres nothing i want more than to beat this trashcan up and give him flowers at the same time

people make him way too pretty all the time i hope i made him nasty enough

instead of cutting your subjects legs off the page to avoid having to draw feet

why not do it literally and just amputate their legs below the knee

eren-yeaqer -> midousujiiakira

URL change its been 5 years

i cant stop drawing baby midousujis help me

having some issues with SAI pressure sensitivity. I’ve reinstalled my drivers, reset my tablet properties, restarted the drivers, made sure that minimum pressure was set to 0%, restarted my laptop several times, plugged the tablet into all 4 of my USB3 slots, and absolutely nothing works.

This isn’t a driver issue because other programs that use pressure sensitivity have absolutely no issues, so I have no idea what’s wrong???

I’m using SAI 1.1.0 on my Cintiq 22HD, with all drivers up to date. Pressure worked just fine, but I restarted and now absolutely nothing I do is working to restore it.

when you stop drawing anime for so long that you are physically unable to draw anime even if you try really fucking hard

midousuji is a trashcan but he needs lots of trashcan hugs